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NOW Profiles will help you identify the foods that will make it easier to achieve and maintain your optimum weight.

Recent research shows a high correlation between very palatable foods and overeating. "Palatability", as used by food scientists, doesn't refer to how good a certain food tastes. It actually refers to a food's ability to make us want more of it. It's the characteristic of a food that drives us to eat it compulsively, and of course, eating compulsively leads to overeating and excess weight.

Today's food industry creates highly palatable food by loading and layering it with sugar, fat and salt. Based on the nutrition label information you give it, the NOW Profiles Online Tool creates a "palatability profile" for each food, consisting of color-coded points showing the concentration of sugar, fat and salt in the food, as well as a combined score.

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  • find your optimum weight and calculate the number of daily calories you need to reach and maintain it.

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Low 0 0 0
Medium 2 2 1
High 5 5 2
Very High 12 12 6 Serving Size Amt per Serving
Guess Profile Actual Profile
Description Sug Fat Sal Tot Qty




Sug Fat Sal Tot
1 2 3 4 5
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